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The Ohio Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW/Ohio)
Introduces the

The Kathy Kellums
Mentorship & Encouragement Award

Kathy Kellums was a leader with a passion for BPW/Ohio and the women who volunteer to support its mission and ideals.  No one can question her leadership skills and service in BPW/Ohio. And as such, she felt the most important part of leadership was encouraging and mentoring her fellow BPW sisters.  From the very beginning of her journey in BPW/Ohio, Kathy hit the ground running.  She volunteered, encouraged others, and mentored many so they could experience growth in all aspects of their lives; personal, career, and community.  She mentored them in getting the most out of their experiences in BPW, building new leaders for the future.  Encouraging many to take advantage of the privilege to hold office at all levels of the organization.  Those who were recipients of this attention are eternally grateful.

This is the type of individual the committee is looking for to shine a light and appreciation.  If you have experienced mentorship and/or encouragement from a brand new BPW/Ohio member, a BPW/Ohio Legend, or any BPW/Ohio member, please consider nominating them for this annual honor.

Requirements & Qualifications:

  • Any BPW/Ohio member in good standing

  • Demonstrates mentorship abilities.

  • Encourages others to achieve personal and/or professional growth.

To Nominate:

  • Any BPW/Ohio member in good standing may nominate another member in good standing.

  • The nominee may be from your own local, another BPW/Ohio local, or a member at large.

  • Complete the application and write a essay, providing specific examples of how this individual has been a mentor.

  • Email or mail both documents to the Mentorship and Encouragement Chair to be received by the deadline.

The committee will review all the nominations and select one person from the nominations to receive the 2023-2024 BPW/Ohio Kathy Kellums Mentorship & Encouragement Award.  The selected individual will be recognized at the BPW/Ohio 2024 State Conference.

Applications must be received by:  April 20, 2024.  If mailing your application, please mail it early to ensure arrival on or before April 20, 2024.  

Click on buttons above for a copy of this information sheet with more information and for application.



Kathy Kellems Mentorship and Encouragement Committee

Paulette Knazek, PSP, ME Chair

Phyllis Riccadonna, PSP

Stephanie Bridwell, BPW/Ohio President

Charisse Kellums, BPW/Ohio Vice President

Rhonda Stemmer, Region 3 President

Pat Talbot, Legislation Chair

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