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2022-2023 Membership Recruitment Awards

President Herrell wants to recognize members who are recruiting NEW members. 

  • Each month starting in June 2022 through April 2023, she will reward the member who has recruited the most members with a $25 gift card from Bob Evans. 

  • In case of a tie, the member who was recruited the earliest in the month (money received by the Treasurer) will be the winner.  The Recruiter of the Month will be recognized in the OBW. 

  • The person who recruits the MOST members by the end of April will receive $100.  Be a Recruiter for BPW!

Waterside Women

2022-2023 Membership Program

Chandra Leeann Forshey Ontko, Esq., Chair

As Membership Chair for BPW Ohio, my main responsibility is to increase our membership rosters.  This year we offer three tools to help our locals grow.


  1. $10.00 Membership grants for NBWW in  October and Equal Pay Day in April for new members can be used in membership drives.

  2. Up to a $100.00 reimbursement grant to locals to use to hold events in October and/or April.

  3. BPW/Ohio Membership Brochure.

I invite you to engage and build your local, region, and state membership. 


         Chandra Leeann Forshey Ontko, Esq.

Membership Chair

Group Lecture

2022-2023 State Programming

Charisse Kellums, Chair

      Be Positive Women &          

Positive Things Will Happen! 

      Every local wins when they meet two criteria by April 23, 2023. 

Be Positive and Make Things Happen!

Group Lecture
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