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House Bill 255 and Senate Bill 56 

Currently, anyone that wants to practice “relaxation massage only” can do so without a license. Most of the population doesn’t have a clue they assume their massage therapist is licensed. Definitely not the case and with this loophole it makes it harder to enforce human trafficking and smuggling cases.

Also, Senate Bill 56, is legislation pending for the interstate massage compact…this would allow therapists to obtain a license with the compact and you can practice in any state within the compact. Would make it easier for military spouses, union spouses and others that may need to practice in another state.

ERA: Thank goodness for Moms. As you might know, my Mom lives in New York State. She recently informed me of New York's new ERA bill that is passing through their legislature - with difficulty. The following article will give you some insight as to what this state is doing. Maybe Ohio will be next?




Health: At April's Leadership Meeting, Leona Phillips, Region 1 Legislative representative made a motion that we add : Actively promote access to mental and physical health care resources and programs for all women. The motion passed. 


Here's an article that demonstrates why we support access to healthcare for all women. 


A Call to Action to Address Rural Mental Health Disparities


Victim's Rights: Kathy Telban has been following Senate Bill 127/ HB 161 that would eliminate sex crime spousal exceptions; permit spousal testimony. The exceptions to the sex offenses that currently apply are rape, sexual battery, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, gross sexual imkpositioon and sexual imposition. Ohio is one of 12 remaining states that haven't amended the marital or spousal rape exemption law. 


Now the bill is in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Please contact these members and let them know you support passage of this bill. 


Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Nathan Manning


Vice Chair Michele Reynolds


Senator Paula Hicks-Hudson


Senator Matt Dolan


Senator Theresa Gavarone


Senator Rob McColley


Senator Kent Smith


Finance: Women as well as men can pay bills and follow a budget BUT how confident are women investing in their future. The following article from Bank of America reveals several ways women can manage their financial future. 


94% of Women Believe They'll be Personally Responsible for Their Finances



Economic Equality: Yes, there is still a gender pay gap. This article examines the "quick facts" about the pay gap and why it is a problem. 


Quick Facts About the Gender Pay Gap


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