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What Is Issue 1?

Issue 1, which would be in the Ohio Constitution as “The Right to Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety” if passed by Ohio voters this November, relates to reproductive healthcare.

What Does It Mean to Vote YES?

A YES vote supports amending the Ohio Constitution to restore the right to an abortion.

It would also support other reproductive health care such as fertility or miscarriage treatment and contraception, as well as protect the right to maintain a pregnancy.

What Does It Mean to Vote NO?

A NO vote opposes amending the Ohio Constitution to establish the constitutional right to “make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions.”

This would allow the state to write and pass legislation relating to abortion and other reproductive healthcare.

Is Abortion Legal in Ohio Now?

Ohio law bans abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy (The Heartbeat Bill) but a judge has temporarily blocked this ban, making abortion available in Ohio right now.

This temporary block was challenged by the State of Ohio and is currently being reviewed by the Ohio Supreme Court. If they rule in favor of the state, abortion will be banned after 6 weeks.

What Happens If Issue 1 Passes?

Abortion would go back to being legal in the same way it was under the U.S. Supreme Court decision of Roe v Wade, where patients could receive abortions up until viability of the fetus (as determined by a doctor) around 22 weeks.

Access to miscarriage care, contraception, fertility treatments, and the right to stay pregnant would also be protected under this amendment.

What Happens If Issue 1 Does NOT Pass?

Laws concerning abortion and other reproductive healthcare would continue to be decided by state government.

How Would Issue 1 Affect Parental Rights?

It wouldn’t! There is nothing in the amendment that changes Ohio laws regarding parental consent, or anything else that would change state law relating to parental rights.

Would Abortion Be Legal at Any Time in A Pregnancy?

No. The amendment maintains the standard set in 1973, which prohibits abortion after fetal viability, except in cases when the patient’s life is in danger as determined by a physician.

Does the Amendment Include Gender Affirming Care?

It does not. There is nothing in the amendment that has anything to do with gender affirming care.


   Statehouse Day with the League of Women Voters

   presenting information to promote Issue 1.


   l-r Pat Talbot, Legislation Chair Ohio BPW,

   Jen Miller,

   Executive Director, 

   Ohio League of Women Voters ,

   Elisabeth Warner

   Communications Director,

   Ohio League of Women Voters. 

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